Opening Keynote

Time: 10:00 - 10:30

Date: 27-Nov-2019


Co-creating our schools of tomorrow: Lene Jensby Lange, Founder – The Autens Consulting House

A school building is the infrastructure of an ecosystem of learning and human growth impacting our children and young people many years into the future. Whether intended or not, it is an answer to a conversation about the future of learning. As such it is a conversation to be had among all stakeholders, in particular teachers and students, enabling us to be very intentional about meeting the needs of the young people in a fast-changing world. Lene will share her approach to early stage engagement, creatively involving teachers and students on a learning journey, inviting teachers to be innovators and providing students with voice and choice to bring out connected design bridging learning and architecture as well as present and future practices.



  • Andy Dailly Head of School Building - Scottish Government

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