Design from the Inside Out: Creating an education experience

Time: 12:15 - 12:40

Date: 27-Nov-2019


As a society we are drawn to sensorial experiences, places we aspire to visit, want to stay and then return. Beautifully designed restaurants, hotels, bars, retail environments and our children to theme parks, gaming environments, studio tours and amazing exhibition centres. Conversely, the environments we chose to educate our children in many instances, are the antithesis of such aspirational environments.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a definitive shift within retail, leisure, workplace and even healthcare towards experience, and for good reason. Innovative and intelligent environment design is inherently emotional and has the power to positively impact our sense of belonging and wellbeing. As well as allowing individuals to experience their values and driving ethos, the most successful brands create a sense of belonging too, a feeling that allows someone to think ‘this is my brand’, to feel mutually accepted. While belonging may seem an intangible notion, it can be promoted through good design, in turn boosting wellbeing.

Whilst most school campuses are conceived and designed from the outside in; Space Zero believe this should be reversed, addressing brand, belonging and wellbeing. Designing from the ‘inside out’ is how the retail and leisure industries create relaxing, inspiring spaces; a model for a ‘magnetic school’ design that students and staff desire. We feel just as inside out design has been fundamental in exporting educational brand experiences to overseas campuses for independent schools, it could well be the key to a new era in school and university campus design in the UK.


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