Digital in the Early Years Environment

Time: 11:00 - 11:55

Date: 28-Nov-2019


Outdoors Goes Digital! Using technology in Outdoor ELC: Mairi Ferris, Inspiring Scotland

Part 1:

10 minute presentation from Mairi Ferris, Inspiring Scotland, highlighting 4 specific areas where tech supports the outdoor learning experience:

  • Admin & learning plans
  • Learning Aids
  • Children’s participation /evidence of learning
  • Learning for Sustainability

Part 2:

10 minute presentation from TaylorAnne Kelly, Bathgate Early Years Centre and Eva Wilkinson, Education Scotland, highlighting practical digital tools, including those within Glow, to enhance and creatively capture learning at the early level.

Participants will then have the opportunity to share what they do currently, ask questions, and explore what future things they might want to try.

Harnessing digital technology to creatively capture learning in ELC: Eva Wilkinson, Education Scotland & Taylor Anne Kelly, Bathgate Early Years Centre 

Enhance learning via creative and innovative use of digital technologies at the early level. Empower our youngest learners to become creators and innovators of their digital world, providing them with confidence and knowledge to actively contribute to capturing their learning, developing essential skills required for future learning, life and work.


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