Using the outdoors to support effective delivery of learning for all age groups in high quality and sustainable learning environments

Time: 16:00 - 16:55

Date: 27-Nov-2019


1.  Design and implementation of sustainable outdoor natural play: Natalie Murray – Wardell Armstrong
2.  Practical ways to enable learning in school grounds and local greenspaces: Michaela Lyons – Edinburgh Council
3.  Supporting the delivery of high quality ELC settings and the role of the outdoors: Rachel Cowper -Inspiring Scotland
4.  Natural Play: Felicity Steers, Landscape Architect, erz landscape architects and Helen Pilkington, Team Manager, Care Inspectorate


  • Natalie Murray Landscape Architect - Wardell Armstrong
  • Michaela Lyons Learning Estate Planning Team - City of Edinburgh Council
  • Rachel Cowper Programme Manager - Inspiring Scotland
  • Felicity Steers Landscape Architect - erz landscape architects
  • View full profile for Helen PilkingtonHelen Pilkington Team Manager - Care Inspectorate


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