Inclusive Growth

Time: 12:05 - 13:00

Date: 28-Nov-2019


Overview: Learning investment at the heart of place based collaboration connecting services and communities

Sustaining Education in the Northern Alliance: Maxine Booth, Aberdeenshire Council

38% of schools in Scotland are designated as rural, 51% of the rural schools are within the Northern Alliance, sustaining education giving the best educational benefits for all users is a challenge. A holistic approach to the Learning Estate is essential.

Eyemouth: town based intergenerational collaboration anchored by learning: Keri Monaghan & Alan Garland, Stallan-Brand

Stallan-Brand in partnership with the local stakeholders, have been developing an inclusive masterplan strategy for a legacy site in Eyemouth to unlock its potential as an intergenerational, inclusive learning environment where social well-being, care and social housing are fully integrated within the context of a wider Eyemouth community setting.

It is expected that the new primary and early years facility will maximise opportunities for sharing resources with nearby housing and recognise that buildings that function for care and learning can mutually benefit from proximity to one another.

Catering for a range of age groups from early years children to the elderly, the Eyemouth masterplan is grounded in an intergenerational approach where different generations are brought together in a purposeful way to promote greater understanding and mutual respect. The development will generate a collective heart for the community in Eyemouth with provision for community learning, local enterprise, lifelong education and attractive places to live; centred on a model that promotes social cohesion through sharing of skills, knowledge and values between citizens.

Espoo: city based learning innovation using collaboration and shared spaces: Kristiina Erkkila, The City of Espoo

Kristiina Erkkilä is Director of Development with the City of Espoo, Finland, the world’s first learning city. Espoo has built a platform for co-creation and collaboration to deliver 21st century in a radically different way, sharing resources, spaces and skills to support learning anywhere.


  • Maxine Booth Lead Officer, Sustaining Education in the Northern Alliance Regional Improvement Collaborative Quality Improvement Manager, Learning Estates, Education and Children’s Services - Aberdeenshire Council
  • Keri Monaghan Stallan-Brand
  • Kristiina Erkkila Director of Development - The City of Espoo
  • Alan Garland Associate - Stallan-Brand


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