Join us for a breakfast round table to discuss: How will early engagement improve the design of the Community Campus

Time: 08:00 - 09:00

Date: 27-Nov-2019


Schools as educational establishments are complex public buildings in themselves, but blend this with the desire to create an intergenerational community campus and we are developing entirely new opportunities. Challenges such as extracting more value from each space, increasing functionality to gain more after hours use and encouraging the community in to enjoy the facilities and interact with the students is an admirable goal. To achieve this we need to look at spaces in a different way. The single use classroom of the past isn’t the future.


This goes well beyond renting out a Sports, Performance and a few meeting rooms. We need to use dining rooms for teaching, performance,  meetings, exhibition and external celebration. Art rooms and D&T for creative community projects and local further education with vocational opportunities. Library’s and Cafes blend to create aesthetic, welcoming paces to meet, read, research and relax and encourage the adult learners back. Adding additional layers to the conventional school by maintaining a connections between dedicated local ASD units or opening up the school and introducing additional elements such as blue light services, elderly respite and tiny tots, offers huge potential to these community investments. But how will these buildings work? How do we manage Security, both active and passive? How will they be managed around the clock? All of this is essential to understand before the building takes shape.


The digital industries are evolving faster than any subject. Media industries that barely exist now may be common place in 5-10 years. We need to design for flexibility in our space with Digital freedom to roam the campus and potentially the community. Digital Links with other schools and distance learning, offers great potential to the geographically dispersed Scottish estate all of which have a dramatic impact on the Community Campus Design


But if we have never worked in these surroundings how do we design them, how do we prevent ourselves from simply designing what has gone before and how do we extract the maximum value from these once in a lifetime opportunities for the community?

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