Project Presentation: Swanlea Sixth Form – Looking Beyond Architectural Briefs

Time: 14:30 - 14:55

Date: 27-Nov-2019


We propose to discuss how value can be added to projects through considered and persevered thinking and investment to achieve outstanding results. Our Swanlea Sixth form project epitomises all of the above – a basic and utilitarian brief was developed into a project that improved the school sixth form in operation, quality of space, energy efficiency and identity for a total cost only marginally more than the values quoted for the originally intended temporary classrooms. We focussed investment on the reinvention and improvement of the existing building, previously a poorly insulated and lit nineties IT suite to best adapt to its current and future learning and operational needs whilst being ‘cost smart’ for the school estate. The importance of external areas was also paramount with considered and applied efforts to outside learning and inspiring environments.


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