Repurposing of Existing Buildings

Time: 14:15 - 15:15

Date: 22-Nov-2018


From classrooms and corridors to a new learning landscape: Hugh Anderson, haa design & Gordon Heggie, UWS

In September this year UWS opened its doors to 2000 students at its new Lanarkshire campus, possibly the most radical step forward in the UK in creating a learning environment for the future.

Hugh Anderson of haa design will give the background to the new campus; what made it affordable in the first place and deliverable within half the “normal” timescale. He will explain the architectural strategy behind its flexibility and the critical issues that the design team addressed in terms of creating a “new learning landscape”. He will describe its radically different teaching/learning spaces and how the team addressed such issues as noise generation, maximum space utilisation and technology infrastructure.

He will be joined by Gordon Heggie of UWS who will chart this journey and explain how it gelled with the University’s vision to ‘re-imagine’ traditional models of delivery and dependencies on enclosed spaces. By applying a pedagogical lens, Gordon will explain how the network of flexible and dynamic spaces are intentionally designed to support multiple types of learning and engage learners in authentic, exciting and challenging learning experiences.

Putting students in the pilot seat: Evolving traditional spaces for modern students – Emma Hardy, Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council

The University of Glasgow has been considering its current teaching spaces and how fit for purpose they are. Throughout this, the Students’ Representative Council has played a vital role in the evolution and piloting of new teaching spaces which combine traditional learning spaces and features with modern technology and design that promotes effective learning and innovative teaching.  Through student led tours and consultations, the University has been able to come up with design ideas that create positive learning experiences.

Maximising opportunities for learning and teaching through spacial interventions: Catherine Dillon Ruddy, Our Lady of the Missions Primary School, East Renfrewshire

Working in partnership with Architecture and Design Scotland we considered the potential of existing spaces in Our Lady of the Missions Primary school with a view to enhancing our learning and teaching environment. Engaging with the full school community, the pupils took a leadership role to develop a vision and solution which will address identified needs. By managing the financial element, we have been able to procure the skills of a designer who is working alongside our pupils to deliver a rich educational environment which will prompt effective pedagogy.


  • Dr Gordon Heggie Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, & Academic Lead for Lanarkshire Campus Project - University of West of Scotland
  • Emma Hardy Vice President Education - Glasgow University Students' Representative Council
  • Hugh Anderson Managing Director & Chairman - haa design
  • Catherine Dillon Ruddy Headteacher - Our Lady of the Missions Primary School, East Renfrewshire


  • Gary Jebb Director of Estates - The University of Edinburgh

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