School to work / Ready for Life

Time: 12:05 - 13:05

Date: 22-Nov-2018


Learning by Doing: Maxine McFarlane & John McFarlane, Young Enterprise Scotland

The Young Enterprise Scotland Pathways Programme combines practical experiences with personal development support to stimulate the capacity for young people to ’learn through doing’. Pathways helps everyone fulfil their potential and recognise their abilities whilst building confidence and esteem. They will help identify what career path the individual may like to follow.

The Pathway Programmes deliver SQA qualifications, practical work placement experience, volunteering accreditations and Internal Certifications to the young people with whom Young Enterprise Scotland engage with. Maxine and John will share their respective sides of why this learning methodology is working for more young people.

Human Skills for the jobs of the future: David Coyne, Work Based Learning in Scotland

The future is in the blend! Gillian Stewart & Hazel Pearson, Michael Laird Architects

The office is a container for Business and its constituent parts – People, Spaces, Technology and Stuff. The office as a recognisable entity is being challenged as businesses evolve, and as a result the office is changing faster than ever. This rapid rate of change challenges traditional real estate processes and creates a need for adaptable and flexible solutions from office providers. These new offers provide a ‘blend’ of spaces for building users, giving them choice of a variety of spaces they can use and when, and choice over how they pay for the service.

Gillian and Hazel will discuss the current trends in office design and why this is relevant to other sectors like education and how we can learn lessons form each other to stay ahead of the curve.



  • Ann Allen Director of Estates and Commercial Services - University of Glasgow and Chair of Architecture & Design Scotland

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