Ian van Duivenbode

Principal Engineer



Ian is a Principal Building Physics Engineer with over 10 years’ experience. Ian’s responsibilities within Ramboll’s Sustainability Group include: daylight and sunlight analysis for prediction of natural light availability including Climate Based Daylight Analysis; Glare risk analysis; solar exposure analysis; analysis of natural and mechanical ventilation strategies using both dynamic thermal and computational fluid dynamic techniques to ensure energy efficiency and ventilation effectiveness is achieved; energy consumption and carbon emission predictions for compliance with Section 6/Part L building regulations; form and massing analysis to aid Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs); BR209 assessments for EIAs.

Ian has a particular interest in parametric analysis techniques using software such as Grasshopper. This process can be used for optimisation for multiple, simultaneous, project specific, objectives to produce truly holistic designs.

Ian has experience working on projects located in the UK, Scandinavia the Middle East and Asia.

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