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A newly completed £2.3m development in Ayr is a recent example of the perfect fit between the changing requirements of Scottish education and capabilities of Portakabin.

With the existing early years provision spread over three buildings, it was vital to consolidate the new build on one site and over one floor, to improve the overall learning environment for the children.

Because it was a stand-alone structure, it was possible for all work to be carried out during term-time without disrupting the existing school, and being built off site meant it could be delivered and installed in only three days.

Purpose built and custom designed, the building has large windows on all aspects as well as light wells in communal areas, flooding the classrooms with natural light and creating open and airy spaces.

The outdoor playground can be accessed directly from the children’s playrooms creating a positive and healthy learning environment for the children.

The development was in line with the Scottish government’s initiative to provide 1,140 hours a year of Early Years Education in South Ayrshire by 2020. And was awarded under a Scottish Building Contract Committee (SBCC) design & build contract through the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) framework.


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